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 NFA Trusts & General Practice

NFA Trusts
NFA Trusts are currently the best option for law abiding citizens to possess and

use NFA items. The National Firearms Act ("NFA") and other subsequent legislation

restricts and monitors the possession of certain firearms and other related items.


NFA Items include:

  • Short Barrel Rifles

  • Short Barrel Shotguns

  • Silencers or Suppressors

  • Machine Guns

  • "Any Other Weapon" defined under 26 U.S.C. § 5845(E)

  • Destructive Device.


Any law abiding citizen can apply to transfer or create certian NFA items. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives ("BATFE" or "ATF") both enforces the National Firearms Act and reviews applications to possess NFA items. However, BATFE has strict rules with regard to who can access, use, and possess items that fall under the National Firearms Act. If the item was registered with an individual, that person's family or friends could have potential legal issues if they have access to the items when the registered individual is not present.


An NFA Trust provides options with regard to possession, use, and management of NFA items. A Trust is structured to have a Trustee (or Trustees) manage the Trust property. This allows multiple law abiding individuals to have legal access to that property. An NFA Trust can be structured so that you can appoint or remove other Trustees at your discretion. Additionally, the Trust can have provisions to continue beyond your passing, allowing your loved ones to become Trustees themselves and to have continued access to the NFA items without having to go through future transfer applications and procedures.


Using an NFA Trust will provide you with flexibility in managing the trust property. The Trust can be tailored to your specific situation and use of the NFA items.  Call our office today to discuss setting up an NFA Trust.

Contact us today for a free consultation.

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NFA Trusts
General Practice
General Practice
The attorneys at the Law Office of Malyuk McDaniel Kasper LLC assist individuals in a wide variety of legal areas, including:
  • Basic Estate Planning

  • Probate Estate Administration

  • Personal Injury, including car accident cases

  • Insurance Benefit/Coverage Denials (ERISA and private plans)

  • Property Transfers

  • General Practice

  • Property Damage

The attorneys and staff at the Law Office of Malyuk McDaniel Kasper LLC have extensive experience with disability matters such as Social Security Disability, Supplemental Security Income, ERISA, Short and Long Term Disability, State Disability Plans (OPERS, STRS, SERS, and Police and Firemen), and Private Disability Policies.  If you can no longer work or cannot find employment due to a physical or mental health condition, we can help you.  
In addition to our areas of focus, we can provide you with legal representation for Personal Injury cases, Insurance issues, Probate Administration, and general civil litigation. 
Outside of the courtroom, our attorneys can assist you with Estate Planning, creating your Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorneys, Living Wills, and other documents required for transferring property.  
We are committed to meeting with you personally and will listen, evaluate, and advise you.  It is our goal to provide the best service to our clients and prospective clients by offering free consultations and providing full and open discussion.  As our client, you can expect honest conversation regarding your legal issues, including what action you should take, what attorney fees may be required, or whether you could proceed without an attorney.  
We will gladly meet with anyone who has a legal need and look forward to serving those who require our assistance.
If you feel you have been injured or wronged in any manner, call our office to speak with an attorney, discuss your need for representation, and schedule a free consultation!
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