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  • Attorney Eric S. McDaniel

Estate Planning: Discuss It With Your Loved Ones

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The holiday season has arrived and many of us will be spending more time with our loved ones over the next several weeks. Gathering for meals, celebrating family traditions, and traveling to be together are things looked forward to all year long, but have you ever considered whether or not your family will still enjoy time together after you have passed away? Some families are torn apart by conflict and fighting over an estate, simply because of lack of information and communication ahead of time.

Often disregarded as "too morbid" or "too personal" to talk about, especially during this festive time of year, your intentions and wishes for your estate should be discussed when face to face with family. Preserve your family and traditions by taking the time to be open and honest about your plans, whether it be regarding your intentions for property transfers, what debts and liabilities you may leave behind, or any other estate planning issues. Make it a priority to speak to your family about your plans this year.

Call The Law Office of Malyuk McDaniel Kasper LLC at 330.929.9700 to get your plans on paper.

Estate Planning, Probate Administration, Last Will & Testament,

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