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  • Attorney Michael A. Malyuk

Who Is the Right Lawyer for Your Social Security Disability Claim

When looking for representation for your Social Security disability benefits, you will find many attorneys as well as organizations with or without attorneys who are willing to provide services to you. You should be careful when choosing an attorney or an organization for help and ask the following questions before proceeding with any representation:

1. How much of the practice is devoted to Social Security disability or disability matters in general?

2. Have you represented anyone at an Administrative Judge Hearing?

3. Who would actually handle my case prior to any Hearing with a Judge?

4. Who would actually be present with me at the Hearing before an

Administrative Law Judge?

5. Will I be represented by an attorney or a non-attorney representative in this matter?

If you need representation for Social Security disability, find a representative who will pay personal attention to your case, develop it appropriately with medical information, carefully prepare you for any Hearing and then attend the Hearing with and on behalf of you.

At the Law Office of Malyuk McDaniel Kasper LLC, you can be assured that our experienced attorneys will meet with you personally, be involved throughout your case, and will personally represent you at a Hearing if one is scheduled. Call our office at 330.929.9700 to set up an appointment to discuss your disability claim.

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