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If I Move, What Will Happen To My Disability Claim?

If you move after you applied for disability, do not worry about having to reapply.  Your claim will continue to be processed, but there is a chance that it may have to be transferred to another agency. 

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You Do Not Need To Reapply For Disability If You Move

At the initial and reconsideration stages of the review process, your claim is managed by a state agency.  This means that if you move to a new state, your claim may be transferred to a new state agency division.  Note that some states take longer to process claims when compared to Ohio.  The national wait time for a decision at the reconsideration level was approximately 7 months, while our experience with Ohio shows decisions usually being issued between 4 to 5 months.  Claims in other states have taken up to a year before an initial or reconsideration decision was issued. 

It is important to have an experienced attorney on your side from the beginning of your disability claim process to ensure your claim is tracked and monitored, especially if you move out of the state of Ohio.

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