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What Is A Deposition?

If you are involved in a Court proceeding, the attorney or attorneys on the other side of your case can, and most likely will, ask for your deposition. A deposition is your sworn testimony given under oath at a meeting arranged by the attorneys. A court reporter will document all of your responses to the questions you are asked by the attorneys during the deposition. Your answers provide more information about the case in order for the attorneys to be adequately prepared with regard to facts. Such a meeting is as if you were in Court testifying and a deposition may be used in Court as your official testimony.

Depositions help resolve cases and help attorneys prepare for trial. The taking of a deposition is by authority of the Ohio Civil Rules and falls under the topic of “Discovery.” Attorneys may discover all facts of a case before proceeding to trial and this is encouraged by the rules so that any attorney on either side of a case can know all the facts before going to Court.

If you will be involved in a deposition, legal representation would be advisable to be sure you understand what is expected and to protect you against unfair or objectionable questions. Call 330.929.9700 to speak with an attorney at Malyuk McDaniel Kasper LLC today.

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