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Power of Attorney for a Minor

Purchasing school supplies and new clothes, signing the kids up for extracurricular activities, and reviewing safety guidelines as a family are typical features of back-to-school season, but have you created or updated your Power of Attorney for a Minor as part of your back-to-school routine?

A Power of Attorney for a Minor allows a parent or legal guardian to designate another adult to make decisions for their child or children. This document, which is used only in the absence of a parent, does not take away parental or custodial rights but instead gives another adult authority, which can be especially useful when the child or children are routinely spending time with or being cared for by another trusted adult.

With the start of a new school year, many families' schedules get busier and friends or family members become an essential aspect of the daily routine, whether it be for childcare, transportation, or other logistics. A Power of Attorney for a Minor can give you peace of mind that important matters can be handled readily by the friends or family you designate.

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