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  • Attorney Eric S. McDaniel

Headache Disorders and Social Security Disability

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Recently, the Social Security Administration issued Ruling SSR 19-4p, which details the agency's review of cases involving Headache Disorders. This ruling recognizes that Headaches and Migraines, as a stand-alone condition, can be debilitating, and it outlines the variety of ways an individual with these conditions could be found disabled. As complex neurological disorders, Headaches and Migraines require specialized treatment to determine their cause, manage symptoms, or be eliminated entirely. If you or someone you know suffers from recurrent and severe Headaches or Migraines, Disability through Social Security may be an option for you. Call The Law Office of Malyuk McDaniel Kasper LLC at 330.929.9700 to discuss how we may be of assistance.

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