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How Coronavirus is Affecting Social Security and Disability Claims

Clients have been calling regarding Social Security and Disability claims during the current health situation.  Note that the local Social Security offices are closed to the public, but most of the office staff are attempting to work from home and only a few Social Security offices are currently open for phone calls.  Those in the greater Akron area can call the Cleveland North-West Social Security Office at 877-976-3172 with questions or for assistance with payment issues or disability claims.

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If you have a case pending at the Initial or Reconsideration Levels, please note that your claim's decision will likely be delayed.  Opportunities For Ohioans With Disabilities is not working in full force, and we expect claims pending at this level to be delayed by a few months.  If your case is pending at the Hearing Level and you are currently scheduled for a hearing during the month of April, you are given the option to hold your hearing by telephone or to postpone your claim so you can have a hearing in person at a later date.  It is possible that this format will continue through May.  Unfortunately, we do not know if the current situation will delay the issuing of decisions by the Administrative Law Judges. 

If you would like to know more about how the current situation can affect your claim, or if you are still considering an application for disability, please call The Law Office of Malyuk McDaniel Kasper LLC at 330.929.9700.


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