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Mandatory Masks and the Disabled

Mandatory Masks and the Disabled

We are less than one week into Ohio's mandatory mask requirement, and it is important for business owners and employees to understand that not everyone is medically able to wear a face mask throughout the day.  We frequently serve disabled clients in our office; individuals who suffer from respiratory or vascular conditions that can be exacerbated by long-term mask wearing.  The recent Order issued on July 23, 2020, clearly outlines that the mandatory mask order does not apply to those with "respiratory conditions," "mental health conditions," or when a "disability contraindicates the wearing of a facial covering."  It is also important for employers and employees to know that the American's with Disabilities Act requires "reasonable modifications" for those with disabilities.  At the Law Office of Michael A. Malyuk we encourage everyone to be respectful to those with disabilities, and to also be aware of governmental requirements while considering an individual's medical freedom to prevent their condition(s) from worsening.

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