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Social Security - Did You Know?

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Are you fully informed about eligibility for Social Security benefits? There are several situations when benefits might be available but you will need to take personal responsibility in investigating your options. A simple internet search for “Social Security Survivor’s Benefits”, or “Social Security Widower’s Benefits”, or “Social Security Benefits for a Divorced Spouse”, will provide you with information that Social Security will not otherwise offer to you. Your situation may make you eligible for benefits. Certain life events should cause you to consider if benefits might be available. Some examples of when benefits might become available are:

  • if a working spouse dies

  • if you become disabled

  • if you turn age sixty (60)

  • if you turn age sixty-two (62)

  • if you are a surviving spouse with a child or children under age sixteen (16)

Did you know? 1. If you take early retirement at age sixty-two (62), you will get reduced benefits and they will continue to be reduced for the rest of your life. They do not increase at age sixty-five (65); 2. If you wait until full retirement age, you will get your full retirement benefit as opposed to reduced amount if you try to retire earlier; 3. Retirement benefits can be delayed until age 70, increasing in value until then and providing more benefits than at full retirement age; 4. If you are found disabled, you will be eligible for benefits and for Medicare or Medicaid; 5. If you are a widow, and you have or had a working spouse, you can collect benefits at age sixty (60) or later and get 100% of what your deceased spouse would have gotten and hold off until age seventy (70) to take benefits on your own record at an increased rate (132% of your own retirement benefit); 6. If you retire early at age sixty-two (62) and receive retirement benefits, and you are working, your benefits are subject to reduction depending on your wages. If you retire at full retirement age, your earnings do not affect your retirement benefits. Each person must take responsibility for raising the question about eligibility of benefits under any circumstance. Don't cheat yourself by not doing some research or calling a Social Security Representative. If you believe you are entitled to benefits and need help, call The Law Office of Malyuk McDaniel Kasper LLC office at 330.929.9700 for a free consultation.


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